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Photo: Emīls Skrīvelis.



My name is Kristiāna. I have worked as a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and art event organizer. Dance has been a part of my life since I was 3 years old. Thankful that I’ve been able to make dance as a profession. I evaluate myself as a dedicated, creative and skilled choreographer and movement adviser who can work with non-dancers, dancers, singers and actors of all ages and experience levels. Adept at tv commercials as well organizing stage and live performances, sharing knowledge on individual/private lessons and group workshops. Helping to integrate costumes and props into a performance and developing routines quickly. I specialize in tv commercial productions, creative masterclasses and workshops in dance and movement. Dance styles in which I work varies in between contemporary dance, jazz dance, improvisation, classical ballet, modern ballet, show dance.

Collaboration with director: Oskar Bard.


 Also I studied and graduated from bachelor’s degree in social and cultural anthropology  in University of Latvia. Experienced, focused and persistent on a various research issues including body issues, embodiment, cultures and concept of the body, gender, music, experience of dancers, dance societies, dance history, rituals, rhythm, religion, dance industry, influences of social dance, dance potency in human life.